Amethyst (What Comes Next)

Today, something called to me
From inside,
A pull toward purple,
A smoky amethyst of soul,
A peace,
And acceptance
I have been striving for,
But could not seem to reach
by trying;
The more I let go,
The more I am at ease,
With what comes next,
Not with compliancy,
But reassurance
That despite how the path may be laid,
With twists, turns, cliffs, and valleys,
I will know how to balance,
On roads even unpaved;
Acceptance is trusting that the universe,
In all it has shaped me with,
Has made me able to withstand
And appreciate
Whatever happens next

A Star Over a City Sky

City sky is foggy
with light and smog,
Stars are sightless,
But I am not,
I peer above the roof tops,
Knowing what I am looking for,
Evidence of the star that kept my way,
And in the city before,
The star that shines ever brighter uncluttered by urban lights,
In the rural open,
But here I seek you still,
And gaze,
determined to spy you,
Sure I will,
Here I can see you
Regardless of the forecast,
Not with my eyes,
But by my heart,
My star need not streak across the sky,
To amaze,
It is a star that moves the body
To an emotion,
With its presence,
A star that is literal and figurative,
In the same moment,
A star that reminds of how small we are,
In such a vast cosmology,
A star that reminds how close we really are,
A star that reminds how we are all made out of its dust particles,
A star that burns
over a city sky.

Mystic Evolution

Awakening my soul,
From slumber I was unaware
It was sleeping,
Feeling the radiant power
Of thought turned into idea,
Transformed into action,
Cycled back again,
Layers pulled back,
Reveal parts of self I’ve yet to meet,
And as I come to know them,
Mystical mists sweep me to otherworlds,
Open hidden passageways,
And as I step through I am alone,
But supported,
I am evolving,
In faith and mind,
To be closer to the cosmos,
Both in and creating me,
And this is just the beginning.

Guiding Me

Naming values
Is easier said
Than done,
Defining what motivates,
What drives,
What guides,
Is like catching the breath you breathe,
But, it can be done,
It can be done,
To claim a fraction of one’s identity,
What guides me?
Belief in good;
In the innate neutrality of all nature;
In the naivete of mind, driven by self-preservation, for survival;
In a unity, interconnectedness of all beings,
-Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually;
In the reality that there is more than we can ever know;
That minds and knowledge are a gift;
In ultimate truth, unencumbered by belief;
In the beauty and necessary of diversity- cosmic creativity;
In the innate equal worth of all humans;
In the equal value of all creatures;
In the need for salvation as a daily occurrence, not for the end of times, or judgement;
In the reality of karmic balance;
In a spiritual realm, that we may never understand, though we might catch glimpses;
In evolution as a part of Divine creation;

This list is a theological reflection of mind,
Capturing pieces of my soul in diction,
But it is endlessly incomplete,
As I grow,
Moment to moment,
Understanding more,
But these remain with me,
The realized and unrealized,
Guiding in step,
Guiding in deed,
Guiding me.

To Be a Mystic

A mystic
I have been told I am,
But what does that really mean?
Am I cross-legged meditating?
Or walking through the woods?
Am I receiving images, messages,
Through Divine reinterpretation?
Am I using my mind to deduct reality from what we think reality is?
Am I communing with spirit?
Questioning the limitations of a term such as “God”, against the vastness of the unknown?
Am I a skeptic, a believer, a seeker?
If this is what is meant to be a mystic
I confess,
A mystic,
I am.