Break Molds

I break molds,
Always have;

Despite how one might read me
I compulsively add caveats,
Exceptions to the case;
Once upon a time,
Frustrated by being outside boxes provided
I aimed to understand,
Why the damn boxes even existed,
A lifetime up to now
I realize they were created for the same reason
I was on a quest
–To understand,
A something that is beyond
Our understanding

See I was never an anomaly
I was just the first
and only me;
My exceptions broke a mold
that never truly fit,
It’s people like me who continually fix it
–The question,
Not the answer;
It’s ever expansive,
The knowing of self,
It’s the frustration,
The confusion,
The loss and despair,
That makes us gaze in a mirror one day
And appreciate the person there;
Without the pains,
the pleasure of being
Is never so sweet,
lost to be found,
We only appreciate
And think to look up,
From the ground;

I break molds
Always will

“Dear.” : A play of a romance realized



£: Dear ¥,
I hear and feel you
knocking at my door
But I’m only 1/2 awake.
Keep, Keep on; Stay
I’ve wanted this vessel shook
these eyes lifted
No mistake in naming
you’ve just found the seams

¥: £ They have forgotten, usually,
the significance of “coincidences”
they doubt their awe at
Seeing, and feeling the
Fingerprint of their creavers:
Of creation
they fear so much,
they have obstructed
Belief .

£: ¥ We all
have obstructed prayer to spirit and in doing so lost realization of
The spirit in us each,
Connected effortlessly the original
The true telephone
Wifi, hifi

¥: £ It’s still there,
Remember “lovers”,
Patient you’ve been,
Other 1/2; other 1
You’ve come so close
Long before

NARRATOR ^°: You both know.
Led by angels
Kings and Queens
Carpenters, nurses, shepards, sirens, and magi

£: ¥ You minister of love

¥: £ Come worship 1st
Inside each other,
And stay.

£: ¥ With patience be,
I’m coming to, to

♡ Blessed be.