Hold You

Hold me
I want you to hold,
To lay close to your beating heart,
As close as we are now apart,
I want
To comfort your being
Of all the fears that pass over your brow,
I want to kiss away tears
That escape your tiring eyes,
I want to love you,
As I was always meant to,
Holding you close,
Like there are no barriers between us,
And I take your name,
As if we are one,
And the same,
May our hearts beat as one,
For always,
My love.

Man Down

The car broke
But we can fix it,
The heart hurts
But we can heal it,
You and I,
Are we,
We can be it,
It’s not over,
Until we can’t feel it,
You for me,
Me for you,
It’s love,
Despite the challenges,
It’s love in spite of the challenges,
It’s love,
That fights the challenges,
That perseveres,
When all else fails,
That turns the days to years,
We are in the eye,
Of the storm,
I won’t leave you now,
Not when one man’s down,
Not when we’re meant to stand,
Hand in hand.

Apart Together

Things they fall apart,
They always do,
They always have,
The security we never knew we needed to safeguard,
Is revealed to be a powerful illusion,
We are all exposed,
Vulnerable to powers we have yet to understand,
But be steadfast in your hope,
This too shall pass,
As we brace,
And brave the unknown at a distance from our brethren,
We are closer now than we have been
For a long while,
The isolation reveals our need
For each other,
Reveals a breath that we breathe of fellowship in humanity,
We are united apart,
Bearing the storm that rages just outside,
We are apart,