Stardust, Despite

I am not sure
What it was
The moon and stars,
Ocean waves,
All coaxing me back to you,
Back to you,
Like tides that ease,
And lick the sandy shore,
But surely as they recede,
They’re back again,
In lunar pulls,
That shape the coasts,
This cosmic dance,
We gravitate towards,
We live for,
This is us,
From stardust,
and stardust still,
we are radiant beings,
inertia of departure reminding us,
we are pulled
we are driven,
we are one
despite distance,
despite separation,
in spite of,


We made love,
I can’t get out the thought,
The feeling out of my core,
I am drugged by the memory,
Of your body so deep,
Our breaths hushed whispers,
In each other’s ears,
I close my eyes alone,
And still cannot sleep,
My want of you
From afar,
Makes for a maddening insomnia,
I have the intimate recollection,
Of your fingers on my skin,
And sleep becomes irrelevant,
For the dream
I’m already in