“Dear.” : A play of a romance realized



£: Dear ¥,
I hear and feel you
knocking at my door
But I’m only 1/2 awake.
Keep, Keep on; Stay
I’ve wanted this vessel shook
these eyes lifted
No mistake in naming
you’ve just found the seams

¥: £ They have forgotten, usually,
the significance of “coincidences”
they doubt their awe at
Seeing, and feeling the
Fingerprint of their creavers:
Of creation
they fear so much,
they have obstructed
Belief .

£: ¥ We all
have obstructed prayer to spirit and in doing so lost realization of
The spirit in us each,
Connected effortlessly the original
The true telephone
Wifi, hifi

¥: £ It’s still there,
Remember “lovers”,
Patient you’ve been,
Other 1/2; other 1
You’ve come so close
Long before

NARRATOR ^°: You both know.
Led by angels
Kings and Queens
Carpenters, nurses, shepards, sirens, and magi

£: ¥ You minister of love

¥: £ Come worship 1st
Inside each other,
And stay.

£: ¥ With patience be,
I’m coming to, to

♡ Blessed be.

Effortless Romance

Its been forever
Since I’ve written you a love song,
Been forever since I gazed upon
The stars,
And knew you too were gazing back
Through space and time,
Knew my art
Was comfort to your soul,
Knew I could do only to your body,
What you still do to me,
Without a touch,
Without a glance,
Effortless romance.

The Way We Used To (Dreams)

Sometimes in my dreams,
We’re at a coffee shop,
Discussing everything,
The way we used to do,
Sometimes in my dreams,
You’re showing me your stomping grounds,
The way you used to,
Sometimes in my dreams,
We’re in the car,
Driving wherever the road takes us,
Like we used to do,
Sometimes in my dreams,
With candles lit, and our song on,
We passionately make love,
Like we used to,
-But scratch that-
This is my dream,
And “used to” doesn’t matter,
In my dream we still do all the things
We used to,
In my dream,
I can hold you,
And trace the outline of your face,
Run my fingers through your thick hair,
And taste your precious mouth,
I feel your body over,
in me,
we melt
As flame light flickers on the walls,
And I say your name aloud
As if an incantation to release,
This is my favorite dream,
Being possessed by you,
Loved by you,
Over and over,
Until breath seems optional,
This is my dream,
But slumber ends,
And I’m left hazy,
Hung over,
With a need,
An urgent hunger for you,
For a fill
That I will never get,
And so I rely on dreams,
Because in dreams
I can have it all,
In dreams
Our song never ends.


Life raft bobbed,
A buoy
on calm water,
heat of morning sun expanding,
warming salty air
whispering “good morning”
to a solo voyager.
Heavy eyelids slowly open,
with dreams fading
with the feel
of usual sea mist.

What day this was,
And how many
there had been,
She could not be sure

she glanced at her compass,
Nested in palm,
To find hand empty,
with no compass
at all.

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