Butterfly Returns

Butterfly went home
After their first flight;
Home to cocoons
And caterpillars,
Who each longed to know of their possible future,
But could not yet understand
What air beneath one’s wings
Could feel like,
Each at their own time to cocoon
Metamorphosis awaiting at their own pace,
In their own way;
Not all will get to fly
For some time is much shorter
But they all change,
They all in the end are freed
Of corporeal vessels
Of various form,
Even if they will never know
The flight of a butterfly,
They all may appreciate
The diversity in their shapes
And the cycle
That unites them all.

A Friend

These are thoughts
Long sealed in
For fear they drive away
A friend.
I do not confide how their presence
Sets the soul at ease;
Why keep such a blessing to the self then?

Love is not just passion,
hearts and roses,
Was once upon a time
By wedding planners, Hallmark, Victoria’s Secret And Kay’s,
So thus we forget,
Or never learn
That even romance
Should start with a friend;
A friend
–perhaps it is thus why we tiptoe
Around showing these trusted,
Beloved companions and confidants,
Our Love.

May we be wise
And remember,
Only a friend
Can truly appreciate
A friend’s Love.

Philia: An Ode to Friendships

At times I cannot see
My best friends
No, they are not imaginary,
I could not imagine such real,
Such complex,
So beautiful, intricately crafted,
Pieces of living art.

And for me they are the caring,
The loving,
The knowing,
The voices when advocacy is needed,
The silence when just
Are needed.

Their presence
When all others depart.
They are the set-up
And clean-up crew,
They are the party and the
Private after party;
They are there.

This love I feel
In the deep recesses
Of my heart and soul.
For these diamonds
That at times go unseen,
Their flaming shine
Goes unforgotten
In my mind.
And in my heart
These friends– their love, and my love for them,
They stay.

Precious Lasts

There is a loneliness
That resides in our close quarters,
An unspoken sadness,
An anger,
About the fear we speak of
But dare not name,
We are all knowingly closer to death,
And on the precipice, it is terrifying,
To see each other,
And wonder how long we have,
Before the unknown swallows again,
Before our hellos are really goodbyes,
The moments of nothing
Seem wasted,
And yet are our precious lasts,
To be with and be here in

Imminent Moments

So, so far we’ve come,
Through asteroids belts of adversity
To stand a little bit taller,
Nesting in the beings that we are,
Learning to be at peace
With that which is,
And to persevere in and through the unforeseen,
This has been a decade of change,
Of changes to self and globe,
Bringing us closer,
Pulling apart,
We measure in years and decades,
When it should be by the moments,
The incalculable fleeting moments that hold together our lives,
We should measure in lives we touch, lives we are touched by,
Measure in measures we’ve made,
Measure in the tiny variables that make up the time that slips away,
That we are left ten years later trying to collect from snapshot photos,
In the digital age we’ve taken for granted the picture,
Only to see them later, finding the looks,
Memories, emotions,
We almost missed,
Oh what comes next,
No one can quite guess,
It is with fear and excitement,
That we take the polar plunge,
Into the moment to moment future,
As the clock strikes twelve,
Nothing is ever as more imminent
Than the very next moment.

Love Is

Love is tear drops on a goodnight pillow when a “goodnight” is missed,
Love is concern for well being at even the most minor of scrapes,
Love is foregoing the good, so another is not left alone,
Love is giving the hard truths when most needed
Love is the tear stained shoulder,
Love is band aid kisses to make it all better,
Love is letting go,
Love is holding on,
Love is finding meaning in seemingly insignificant moments,
Love is an infinite abstract source
That keeps finding new and awe inspiring ways to be made known
Love is.