Breathe (It will be okay)

Your hurting hurts,
The pain may linger,
But you are strong
Even at your weakest,
Even when you can do nothing
But cry,
You persevere,
What else can you do?
You could give up,
But you won’t,
And you don’t,
And still you must cry,
Tears bathe your wounds,
And then you breathe,
Another breath,
Another day,
And yes,
It will be okay

Learning Parenthood

I don’t know
How to do what I am doing
–Fake it till you make it,
But each age changes the game,
And I am back to square one,
Learning how to be the teacher,
Who vaguely knows the lesson,
A novice at the most important task,
Of raising up the babies,
But this is how it goes,
As even the seasoned
Don’t really know,
We learn from our mistakes,
And oh there are many!
We learn from the wisdom
The innocence of youth bestows,
We learn,
We learn,
And then we learn again

Look (I’m Becoming)

Look at me,
Look what I can do,
Look how fast I’m growing,
I can tie my shoe,
Look and see what I found that’s new,
I’m curious about everything,
Now hear me read,
Write my name,
You won’t n notice it at first
But oh I’ve changed,
My height, my weight, my voice,
I’ve become my own person,
In that moment you blinked,
I can count higher than you even know,
I can be kind,
I can be wise,
I can be brave,
I can, I can,
Do all the things I couldn’t yesterday
I can be the being you only imagined,
Watch me do it,
By myself,
Your are teaching me,
To have you near,
Even when you are not around,
Look and see before I am grown,
I’m growing, learning, being,
But from your smile,
Your tears,
I see that this
you must already know

Discipline and Love

February 4, 2016

“Do not,” “no”
This is discipline
This is love
“Just keep working hard”
This has been
Making you strong
This is because
I might not
–will not,
always be there
To protect you

One day
I will not be able
To say
“No”, “don’t”, “stop”
One day
I will be gone
So now
While I am here
I will prepare you
And make you strong
With all of my “no’s”