Self Discovery,
In the pursuit of hunting words,
I find my take on the infinite,
My discussions with the universe,
The supreme beyond the capacity for any
It is everything, and is in everything,
And we are composed of it,
But more,
Stardust creator,
I would not call it God,
For surely it is beyond,
Beyond concern,
And of concern for even immortal creations,
Does our sin offend it?
Surely not,
For we are created of it’s complex knots,
Of seeming contradictions,
Good and evil,
Up and down,
In and out:

My Spirituality

My spirituality is ethereal,
I am floating in the cosmos,
With an Earth mother by my side,
It is a view of spirits real, and tangible at every turn,
My spirituality is elastic,
Growing, stretching, malleable
With the more I come to know,
My spirituality is multiple
In its sources of knowledge,
Of coming to understand what is and what is not,
My spirituality is a song,
A familiar, siren song that awakens parts of my soul
I never knew existed,
My spirituality is eclectic,
It does not follow a straight and narrow,
But rather a loose and wide,
To absorb wonders of a limitless everything that has come to be,
My spirituality is real,
It is more powerful when named,
When identified,
It is beautiful, magickal,
It is of and in me, sustaining me,
Grounding me,
For fear without it,
This body composed of stardust might
Simply float away,
Leaving this glorious spirit bare.

Miraculous – A Theology

This existence is one,
All is connected,
You, me, creatures, objects, great and small
The beginning and end,
Entwined with us all
Out of the nothing, the something formed,
With innate innocence,
A peaceful being of neutrality,
Uninfluenced by established humanity,
This is the beginning of each little galaxy,
Inside another,
The endless universe,
That composes all,
The value free existence
Neither good nor evil,
Just, just;
This is all,
But then enters complexity,
Of competing beings,
Vying for sustained existence,
In a space of resource finitude,
This is millions upon millions of life forms,
Organic material,
Forces of nature,
Air, water, fire, earth,
Coalescing upon and as a miraculous heavenly body,
In an endless sea of space,
Thus this is home,
We are,
And we are