Midnight Deja-vu

I don’t want to go back,
But I am unsure of forward;
Frustration meets me
In this state of being
Home is where the heart is,
Still, a place is needed,
To be,
For one to be lifted up
By land and
Held by space,
That which is affirming and accepting,
And welcomes you to its setting,
I am working on that for me,
For us,
After adversity jettisoned us
From where we had
Only meant to be temporarily,
Somehow, I had forgotten;
I am here
and now looking,
For a place,
the next move.

Embracing the Dark

Lonely is not my end,
It is but a chapter
In my epic story;
Nights alone,
Basking in a blue light
Soothing and healing internal hurts
From love gone wrong
Is where I am meant to be,
Right now,
For now;
Tenderly mending from in to out,
to never again be truly lonely;
Here, preparing my heart
For whatever is next,
Building its muscle
To jump back in,
But patient for Love,
Biding my precious time,
For someone loving,
ready and worthy of me,
And what I have to offer in return;
With one life to live,
I will appreciate the embrace of the dark
Until when I am ready and willing,
To be
embraced in the dark.


We made love,
I can’t get out the thought,
The feeling out of my core,
I am drugged by the memory,
Of your body so deep,
Our breaths hushed whispers,
In each other’s ears,
I close my eyes alone,
And still cannot sleep,
My want of you
From afar,
Makes for a maddening insomnia,
I have the intimate recollection,
Of your fingers on my skin,
And sleep becomes irrelevant,
For the dream
I’m already in

Through the Fissure

When all is dark
Give not in to fear
The dark has stars
That guide the easy,
Light that is still,
Though far away,
Let despair not grip you,
When hope seems lost,
The dawn will still break,
And through the fissure
The light shall spill,
Seeping in and over the day,
Making things clearer,
Making things easier to bear.