I Hold Back

Filled to the hilt with raw creative energy,
I hold myself together at the seams from bursting forth,
I hold back my itching palm as it beckons the pen, the brush, the paper,
I hold back so there is more for another day,
This energy needs release,
It will find it’s way out slow and easy

Burning Hunger

I think of him
And the hot sun
On his skin,
I think of him
When the moon grants me
This moment
To feel my thoughts
And walk back my only memories,
And know part of my heart here
Does not reside,

I hunger for my love
Far from here
Far from snow
And foreign waters surrounding
I still hunger for the love
That I call my muse
Without a single word
I long for eyes to match the fire
He ignites with memory and lyrical magic
Conjured by his own muse

I hunger,
And it heats my heart
And sets my body aflame,
I burn of hunger
My love
The hunger never fades