Stardust, Despite

I am not sure
What it was
The moon and stars,
Ocean waves,
All coaxing me back to you,
Back to you,
Like tides that ease,
And lick the sandy shore,
But surely as they recede,
They’re back again,
In lunar pulls,
That shape the coasts,
This cosmic dance,
We gravitate towards,
We live for,
This is us,
From stardust,
and stardust still,
we are radiant beings,
inertia of departure reminding us,
we are pulled
we are driven,
we are one
despite distance,
despite separation,
in spite of,

As I Lay Me

Tonight the glow of ripe moon
Shines through closed window panes,
Sends shivers of thought of you over me,
The heavens our beacons never fail to elicit such a response,
Winter snow makes the shine twofold –from ground just as from sky,
Lunar light engulfs my dreamscape,
As I lay me down to sleep,
And dream that you are here with me.

Longest Night

Dissipating light,
Whistle of wind over frosted dunes,
The night it closes in,
As we bid an early farewell to the sun,
Hope remains for the morning still to come,
But for now it is the blanket of dark,
Ever surrounding,
Noticed by all the living,
That the change it comes,
As the Earth does pass her longest night,
without the sun