Amethyst (What Comes Next)

Today, something called to me
From inside,
A pull toward purple,
A smoky amethyst of soul,
A peace,
And acceptance
I have been striving for,
But could not seem to reach
by trying;
The more I let go,
The more I am at ease,
With what comes next,
Not with compliancy,
But reassurance
That despite how the path may be laid,
With twists, turns, cliffs, and valleys,
I will know how to balance,
On roads even unpaved;
Acceptance is trusting that the universe,
In all it has shaped me with,
Has made me able to withstand
And appreciate
Whatever happens next

Embracing the Dark

Lonely is not my end,
It is but a chapter
In my epic story;
Nights alone,
Basking in a blue light
Soothing and healing internal hurts
From love gone wrong
Is where I am meant to be,
Right now,
For now;
Tenderly mending from in to out,
to never again be truly lonely;
Here, preparing my heart
For whatever is next,
Building its muscle
To jump back in,
But patient for Love,
Biding my precious time,
For someone loving,
ready and worthy of me,
And what I have to offer in return;
With one life to live,
I will appreciate the embrace of the dark
Until when I am ready and willing,
To be
embraced in the dark.


I deserve
More than I know yet,
I deserve
Because hell I’m worth it,
I deserve
Because I know who I am,
And loving her makes me realize
I can’t expect love, respect and affection from another,
If I can’t expect that from myself,
for myself,
And so I’ll confess it here:
“I love me”;
I am intelligent,
I am wise
I am beautiful,
I am kind,
I am good
I am awe-inspiring
I am all this and more,
And yes, I am god-damn deserving.

A Friend

These are thoughts
Long sealed in
For fear they drive away
A friend.
I do not confide how their presence
Sets the soul at ease;
Why keep such a blessing to the self then?

Love is not just passion,
hearts and roses,
Was once upon a time
By wedding planners, Hallmark, Victoria’s Secret And Kay’s,
So thus we forget,
Or never learn
That even romance
Should start with a friend;
A friend
–perhaps it is thus why we tiptoe
Around showing these trusted,
Beloved companions and confidants,
Our Love.

May we be wise
And remember,
Only a friend
Can truly appreciate
A friend’s Love.

Soul Vessel

Something happened to you
That you don’t want to touch
Don’t want to ponder,
Because it hurt.
The wound memory remains;
A scar,
Still part of you,
Be tempted to feel it,
This reshaped you,
To know
And accept that the past happened,
And you are not who you were before
You were injured,
But you are so much more,
You are a living work of art
a soul vessel
Being modeled and molded still,
Your cracks repaired with healing gold,
Your light glows through
Where that won’t hold;
As you are.

Beware the Love Vandal

I do not fall easily,
But I fall hard,
I commit myself
To a hand,
Based on
And knowing
There is an inner goodness
Pulsing through with radiant beauty
That my own senses have perceived,
Thus, I am not who I was
–Back then eager, heart merely pure
with naiveté,
Now matured
My heart recognizes,
And knows to banish the love con,
For my Iove is still true,
And my loving worthy of one
who can truly love
May my good heart not be fooled
By a love vandal.