How (A Man’s World)

“It’s a man’s world,”
they say,

But someone still
Needs to teach
The little ones,
Gender irrelevant,
How to do,
To survive,
To get by,
When a “man” is gone,
Not present,
Never present,
Or passed on;
What of little girls never taught
To change a tire;
Or mow the lawn?
We teach her
To understand dependence,
Believe it,
Then rip off the illusion
With age;
Man, woman
Mortality is the great equalizer,
Teach the little ones, all:

Decolonizing Me

Pick apart my nurtured nature
Relearn through the eyes of the wise;
Eyes of those here before,
With ancestries stretching back,
Across the Iberian,
To find a self not clothed
In stolen skins,
To find a self not privileged in another’s pain,
To find beneath the layers
A decolonized me