Dream On, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2020

This day of remembrance,
Year Two-Thousand-Twenty,
I wonder if Dr. King knew where we would be?
Would he have imagined a past black president?
The rise of fascism?
Renewed imperialism?
And neo-nazis?
Would he have imagined innocents in cages,
At our nation’s borders?
The threat of another new war?
Would he have imagined? …
I am sure he could have imagined,
But he also would imagine the struggle,
To rise up against hatred and bigotry,
To aim for the “beloved community”
He knew was perpetually in the distance,
It was always a dream,
A dream you can’t quite touch,
But a dream you can’t take away,
With bullets and bombs,
A dream can be reimagined, shared, Reinvigorated,
A dream you can keep dreaming,
If you have the will,
A dream is like a virus,
Inspiring it can spread, and spread,
And take hold of the system,
If not now, then when?
Our dream was his dream,
A dream reimagined,
A dream for our time,
A dream when black lives matter, unquestioned, undoubted,
A dream when immigrants, refugees are free,
And find promised land in the arms of their brethren,
A dream when brutality is not from our law enforced protectors,
A dream when “-isms” are not blind,
And don’t exist at all,
A dream when new divisions are not erected to substitute the old,
A dream we all feel the need to dream;
dream on.

Miraculous – A Theology

This existence is one,
All is connected,
You, me, creatures, objects, great and small
The beginning and end,
Entwined with us all
Out of the nothing, the something formed,
With innate innocence,
A peaceful being of neutrality,
Uninfluenced by established humanity,
This is the beginning of each little galaxy,
Inside another,
The endless universe,
That composes all,
The value free existence
Neither good nor evil,
Just, just;
This is all,
But then enters complexity,
Of competing beings,
Vying for sustained existence,
In a space of resource finitude,
This is millions upon millions of life forms,
Organic material,
Forces of nature,
Air, water, fire, earth,
Coalescing upon and as a miraculous heavenly body,
In an endless sea of space,
Thus this is home,
We are,
And we are