A Friend

These are thoughts
Long sealed in
For fear they drive away
A friend.
I do not confide how their presence
Sets the soul at ease;
Why keep such a blessing to the self then?

Love is not just passion,
hearts and roses,
Was once upon a time
By wedding planners, Hallmark, Victoria’s Secret And Kay’s,
So thus we forget,
Or never learn
That even romance
Should start with a friend;
A friend
–perhaps it is thus why we tiptoe
Around showing these trusted,
Beloved companions and confidants,
Our Love.

May we be wise
And remember,
Only a friend
Can truly appreciate
A friend’s Love.

Philia: An Ode to Friendships

At times I cannot see
My best friends
No, they are not imaginary,
I could not imagine such real,
Such complex,
So beautiful, intricately crafted,
Pieces of living art.

And for me they are the caring,
The loving,
The knowing,
The voices when advocacy is needed,
The silence when just
Are needed.

Their presence
When all others depart.
They are the set-up
And clean-up crew,
They are the party and the
Private after party;
They are there.

This love I feel
In the deep recesses
Of my heart and soul.
For these diamonds
That at times go unseen,
Their flaming shine
Goes unforgotten
In my mind.
And in my heart
These friends– their love, and my love for them,
They stay.


At 7 we swore,
“BFFs forever!”
But then 7, became 8… and 9
And 9 ate both 8 and 7
And new friends,
new BFFs emerged

But for little ones,
Being loyal
There could only be 1
Not realizing that even 1 is
Never alone (0, 1),
Is always a 2,

and 2 is far more
Than it seems…

The numbers we swore by
are symbols
Powerful illusions
To capture
Our Something Timeless
Of our very real
(Even “imaginary”) numbers
Of BFFs.

❤️ ♾️

Save Our Life

The hours we were together were infinite in timespan,
Too much for either to understand,
How idle we became with limitless hours,
And then space opened up,
And our time was stolen
By chaos and confusion,
And then it stopped,
And we were left still riveting,
The inertia of life leaving us dizzy,
Lost in a haze that felt exciting and new,
The honeymoon of us,
And it was as if we were gifted a second chance,
A redo,
An opportunity,
And it was everything,
It was,
Until the bottom opened and the wallpaper peeled,
Exposing a something underneath,
Needing to heal,
Something needing care,
And love that I wanted nothing more to give,
Unsure if it would be received,
For nothing is the same,
Each shift
Changes rules of the game,
And I am filled with love,
That I long to give,
That I can only expell
Through tears
As you keep me at arm’s length,
And in the moments that we touch,
That we come close,
Become close,
I am breathless with anticipation,
With fear,
That each moment might be our last,
How gingerly I must tread,
Must care for each second,
For I know what losing you
Feels like,
And I know what having you here
Means to me,
This is a tightrope of epic heights,
For us together,
I’ll do what it takes,
To save our life.