I appreciate
The time and attention gifted
To me
And about me;
I have never known
such tender attention before,
of simple presence,
Void of expectation,
To be heard and cheered on
By a friend,
And in part, a fan
Of me in my creative expression,
–My art in body and mind;
So, this is what it feels like,
Attention from the receiving side;
Humbled and grateful,
I aim to balance this
And the bloom of feeling
Stirred by the other
A magnificent being in their own right,
Who I yearn to still know better,
And to reflect
Their gentle affection
of attention

A Friend

These are thoughts
Long sealed in
For fear they drive away
A friend.
I do not confide how their presence
Sets the soul at ease;
Why keep such a blessing to the self then?

Love is not just passion,
hearts and roses,
Was once upon a time
By wedding planners, Hallmark, Victoria’s Secret And Kay’s,
So thus we forget,
Or never learn
That even romance
Should start with a friend;
A friend
–perhaps it is thus why we tiptoe
Around showing these trusted,
Beloved companions and confidants,
Our Love.

May we be wise
And remember,
Only a friend
Can truly appreciate
A friend’s Love.

Philia: An Ode to Friendships

At times I cannot see
My best friends
No, they are not imaginary,
I could not imagine such real,
Such complex,
So beautiful, intricately crafted,
Pieces of living art.

And for me they are the caring,
The loving,
The knowing,
The voices when advocacy is needed,
The silence when just
Are needed.

Their presence
When all others depart.
They are the set-up
And clean-up crew,
They are the party and the
Private after party;
They are there.

This love I feel
In the deep recesses
Of my heart and soul.
For these diamonds
That at times go unseen,
Their flaming shine
Goes unforgotten
In my mind.
And in my heart
These friends– their love, and my love for them,
They stay.

Captivated By

This one
He’s different
In the best ways,
Like no one I have known,
We connect
In ways I do not comprehend
And I appreciate
Not just because
Of the flattery
Rather I’m captivated
By this one
This mystery
This man
Of balance and brilliance,
Sympathetic and sweet,
Brain and brawn,
Cuteness and curiosity,
Who too seems
By me.

Version (Penguin) 3.6

“Version 3.6”
I wrote this long before I even knew what it would feel like
to be loved and pulled in a way that…
or wait, I did know. I knew in a juvenile version,
a purified, clear love
that had no expectations
no demands. and here we are
so very close and yet so far,
in all directions,
cycling closer moment by moment.
i’m impatient. How do you wait
when so so very close?
i feel your calm,
and humor in seeing me squirm
for something i am so positive you’ve known
for so very, very long
and you soothe me, not to worry

no harm no foul,
all in its right time.
that the way love goes
its not about the phsyical
its about something that transendsc all we know so well
all we know to well
and here we are in this virtual space
and i know
the desire was never a sin
it was a symptom of the pull
of being so close. often derailed,
malfunctioned by lose wires

you and I
we each broke
in and now we see the path we’ve traversed,
our shuttle to nowhere but each other.
could you drive in your sleep and find me?
dont, but
You’ll pass familiar attrations,
ones your history past
and past has imbued in your mind with memory,
but now its time to smash
smash the pain,
and realize those memories
were just place markers for everything else

your loves are real
and syphoned into different bodies
for different purpose,
patience, love
it is what you think,
not all things you think are true,
this one is.
and you know
both do


both do.

“Game lost”
funny is cute and damn
I must make it so hard
to keep back all you know.
this is the slowest
most excruciatingly tender end
to a game,
i’ve already lost
as soon as I remembered
and thats always been the goal,
to lose, to let it go, to find
yourself in another body,
and together to grow
of ourselves

together grow
by raditaitng the want, the need, the care,
the love, the 2 am, 3 am fixation
in to a powerful tangle of ecstacy,
we’re both so good at that,
too good…
but times almost up.

times up.
that scares you
it terrifies me
how much needs to tell us
this is it?
and if its not…
it is.

“Children’s Wishes”
we manifested this as children,
before and when we knew each other,
child prayers, spells, wishes
are the most powerful,
you begged me to STAY
to know you

and you watched,
every word flow from my mouth
and pen,
before we both understood any of what it meant,
before we both “woke”
body, mind or soul,
we were each others alarm,
sirene you sang,
and it got me

“Forgot to Hide”
i sang to you
and I forgot
why I might want to hide,
and here I am doing the same,
with fingers and words,
and I want,
and I need,
and i desire
and I want you to have everything
in the same
and new capacities,

“Beautifully Grown”
you made yourself
everything beautiful you wanted to be,
and I made myself the same,
of and for me
because that it just who we were,
and you fell
in all ways to the reality
and the possiblity of future,
and then you saw me

and damn…
no other 4 letter word captures
the breathtaking shock
and what every fantasy
of yours has been wrangled
and poured into one body,
one embodied soul that you fell for
in a different time and place,
as a spirit, mind, body.

“dimples “
Seeing that smile makes me
feel like a child again,
and points me to eyes
eyes that I cannot figure out the color,
chocolate moonstone eyes
that color change
everything you
is a testatment
to all the things i wanted for self,
or admired in
a dream love….
right down

to the wetsuit

And my favorite animal

how better to lure the Oshun?