Amethyst (What Comes Next)

Today, something called to me
From inside,
A pull toward purple,
A smoky amethyst of soul,
A peace,
And acceptance
I have been striving for,
But could not seem to reach
by trying;
The more I let go,
The more I am at ease,
With what comes next,
Not with compliancy,
But reassurance
That despite how the path may be laid,
With twists, turns, cliffs, and valleys,
I will know how to balance,
On roads even unpaved;
Acceptance is trusting that the universe,
In all it has shaped me with,
Has made me able to withstand
And appreciate
Whatever happens next

Sacred Breath

*reflection on recent local windstorms and the aftermath

Sometimes, the wind blows
With a force
That makes even the seasoned Oak quiver,
And the malleable Willow seize,
At times, it makes us remember,
Despite technologies, tools,
Configured and utilized
By living beings,
We are still that
–Living, mortal beings,
Miniature vessels
Of this infinite infinity,
And to the wind
the tree bows
And as do we.
With heads lowered,
Hidden from us all,
On an even smaller scale
A seed sprouts;
All present feel, know,
And are humbled by
The life shaping power
Of sacred breath

Game Genie

This spirit has always craved mystery
Of trying for the seemingly impossible;
And yet it fears failure
At the end of a long game;
It fears erasure,
Fears unsaved progress,

But that was then,
This is now
Game Genie,
Changed it all,
Shifted the odds,
Way back when,
But it was never really the game
or the game system
That was at stake;
It was the mind,
The controller of the hands
holding the game control,

It was the mind shuffling between
Levels of life,
Competition in game,
At school,
At home,
From which friends were those
Fellow players
Sifted out and held close,
For keeps.

Along the way
The cartridges get dusty,
The disks scratch,
The software glitches,
We become tired,
We get distracted
We stop playing, because

Our fingers need only work the buttons once more,
To remember the sequences,
To do it just
To beat that Boss,
To escape that trap,
To remember it was never
About winning it all
On the first try,
Unless you had “backup”,
I, you, we all
Were never meant to game alone,

But we got older
And we saved our games
And some tucked them away,
Each other

We got older
Our relationships got complicated
And became new games,
Complete with bosses
And real became fake, and fake real

Never mind the console,
Or the title
We are all trying to beat it,
This epic game.
We get minor victories,
And the harsh truth being
We will all eventually get
Game Over

In radically accepting
My eventual,
final KO,
I strive to make my own sequences;
Reset to replay my favorite games;
Reconnect with my backup;
And break the rules
That bound me to a fear of failure

If I am going to one day end
I can not
live the game
Afraid to even play.


In your own way you’ve taught me about that,
About the cage always being open,
Even when we fear we’re trapped inside,
Taking off chains of willful acquiescence,
For a higher plane of being,
For freedom,
A word we take for granted,
And abuse with use,
Liberation is escaping,
But returning to free one’s brethren,
Until all can claim to be,
Really and truly,

What Stars Think

Do you think the burning stars look on in pity
Of what became of their stardust brethren,
Who aim bombs at each other over disputed words?
Who sacrifice innocence over their idolatry?
Or do you think they see the quieter explosions
Of love,
Like ours?
That make living any existence worth while?
I hope they do,
I hope they see the love and dream of when they too
Are only dust particles in the universe reconstituted into life,
Conjuring that which is love.

One Last Heartbeat

Cultural heroes pass in untimely death,
And suddenly how close mortality seems to us all,
A stark reminder that mortality is always a heartbeat away,
And despite this knowledge
Only with loss do we bend to knees and pray,
Not for miraculous everlasting life,
But for enough time while it’s ours,
To do all that is needed to be done,
To make right our actions
To let loved ones know
In word and deed that they are loved
and of their value to our personal existence,
And this all takes time,
Takes heartbeats,
There goes another beat,
Now is always the time,
To do what you would,
If you had just one last