Desire / Crossings Hearts

Innocent desire
no harm, no foul,
all in its right time.
That’s the way love goes
It’s not about the physical

It’s about something that transcends all we know so well
all we know too well
and here we are in this virtual space
and i know
the desire was never a sin

it was a symptom of the pull
of being so close
But then
often derailed,

I wrote this long before I even knew what it would feel like
to be loved and pulled in a way that…
or wait, I did know. I knew the juvenile version,
In innocence
a purified, clear love
that had no expectations
no demands.
and here we are
so very close, and yet so far,
in all directions,
cycling closer moment by moment.
I’m impatient. How do you wait
when so, so very close?
i feel your calm,
and humor
in seeing me squirm
for something i am so positive you have known
for so very, very long
and you soothe me, not to worry
by scarred and loose wires
By crossing hearts