They are unearthing babies,
Who never had a chance,
Against a system we still don’t understand,
That takes and takes and takes,

My human heart hurts,
My sentient heart hurts,
My living heart hurts,
For a wrong far too late to correct,
And as the numbers tally up
Let us not lose sight of the numbers that are really lives,
Of the lives that were not lost
But taken
Genocide in and of our recent time,
And we haven’t learned our lesson,
As we hold stolen children,
This time immigrants in cages,
For being the wrong…
An inconvenience to other plans,
Inconvenience in this land,
Stolen lands,
Stolen children,
Stolen lives

Breathe (It will be okay)

Your hurting hurts,
The pain may linger,
But you are strong
Even at your weakest,
Even when you can do nothing
But cry,
You persevere,
What else can you do?
You could give up,
But you won’t,
And you don’t,
And still you must cry,
Tears bathe your wounds,
And then you breathe,
Another breath,
Another day,
And yes,
It will be okay

We Survived

They say we survived President X,
We’ll survive this,
But many didn’t under President X,
And fewer are making it now,
Concentration Camps are ensuring that less and less will make it,
It’s not an accident children are suffering and dying,
That was the plan to deter,
That was the plan to punish,
Little brown skinned babies,
For existing at this time,
Under these circumstances,
And it’s the job of those surviving,
To stop what is going on,
To make sure all survive,
And that this happens
Never again.


Kids kept in cages
Not in my name,
State sanctioned child abuses,
Not the first time,
Not the last
Liberty and Justice
Are not dependent on it,
Only tyrannical power
Needs pain and torment
Of the meekest,
Only evil ornate needs caged,
Tortured babies,
But not for my freedom,
Not this time,
Stand not for the inhumanity,
Of neglected,
kids in cages