Somewhere in all the movement
I set down the megaphone,
Still hearing the echo of my own voice
As it traveled
North, East, South, West,
On to, up and down Main street;
Social leaders don’t choose
the precise moment
When they thus become
“Accidental” leadership
–The moment chooses them;
Nor do they choose
Exactly when
their time eclipses;
Social injustice
Is a warfare,
and of daily heartbreak;
The activist by Call
Resides on this ground zero,
Tending, carrying, soothing and rallying,
In rotation
With other ethical co-conspirators,
A Rotation
To protect the already traumatized
From too
Too much;
Gradually, I took my leave
When the marches thinned,
And logistics began
to overshadow the purpose;
The march marches on
In different capacities,
As it has always,
My prayer is that our call
And the response
Forever is remembered,
And flesh tones
Like and unlike mine
find purpose, place, and responsibility still
In the movement
Of heart,
Of calling out injustice
invoking community love,
And keeping the justice system
In check
With a social justice
And response;
A leader still,
My call
Is a labor of love,
A different hat I will wear for now,
As I heal and grow,
An injustice-weary heart.


I am running,
But I’m losing breath,
No time to check the time,
Time is always running
Parallel to my destination,
I’m always late at the station,
I pump harder
Fear I might die,
Sprout wings,
And see me, watch me
I’ve never been up here;
Up high,
Never seen the masses from such a distance,
To see they gather
Following my vision,
As we all see the dream,
Through different eyes
The gaze,
Beautiful the colors as they shift,
Align, and fluidly create,
Our dreams put to fruition,
Are gaining speed,
As they turn into items, feats,
That were once loose imaginings,
This is our kaleidoscope
Of a wise black spirit,
That lovingly absorbs all the colors

Black Joy

I need more joy,
Inside my world,
My spirit in need of uplift, of sustenance,
So many tales of those dark skinned like me,
Being taken for granted,
lives taken,
so many brothers, sisters
in need of reminder
that black is beautiful,
and also of joy,


I am needed
At the front
Sign in hand,
voice loud;
I am needed,
Here I stand
6 feet apart,
We make a stand,
I am needed,
My life,
My skin,
As we teach
Our brethren
How to see,
Not my color,
But their own,
I am needed,
But I must be careful,
Weaponizes good intentions,
Turning learners
Into hungry cannibals,
Devouring the teacher,
Despite the lesson,
I am needed,
I turn this thought over,
I am needed,
For many reasons,
But first I am
Needed for me,
For self, for love,
For family,
I am needed,
And so I must,
Alot my teachings,
To those I trust


We’re all awake now,
The veil has been lifted,
It’s time to choose sides
Of history,
This is when out legacy is written,
By when we choose to speak,
And what we choose to say,
Or whose life we will lay down for,
Or if we’ll look at this
As just another day.

Called to Move

With so much on my mind
With so much on the world
It’s no wonder I cannot sleep,
I toss and turn,
With no specific thought,
Just a sense of worry,
For the times,
For the unsettled,
For the pained,
My ministerial heart,
For past and present pains,
For systemic wrongs,
I long to change,
I am called to move,
Even in the night,
When tired eyes should close,
Should rest,
I am called to move,
Mobilized by my heart,
Pumping blood of my ancestors through my veins,
In and through brown limbs,
I am moved for change,
To actualize the humanity
I have seen in small doses,
On a grander scale,
To see my brothers and sisters with air filled lungs,
Chanting their message of change into being,
We move,
Not just legs,
But ideas,
Of an equalized existence
Not pierced by the hate and apathy we have seen,
We move,
We move,
We move.