Effortless Romance

Its been forever
Since I’ve written you a love song,
Been forever since I gazed upon
The stars,
And knew you too were gazing back
Through space and time,
Knew my art
Was comfort to your soul,
Knew I could do only to your body,
What you still do to me,
Without a touch,
Without a glance,
Effortless romance.

Human Presence

The cityscape is lush,
With barreling trees of iron and concrete,
Glass luminescent with the reflection
Of clouds and sun’s rays,
I have grown accustomed to a rural home,
Where flora and fauna remain ever in view,
But here I am reminded of a different kind of beauty,
The mark of the natural still present,
But in the natural view of human presence,
human craft,
Not removed from the natural world,
But planted in it,
Grown out of it.