Bred by Love

Come so far,
So far to go,
Then legs kicked out,
From below,
And anger resurfaces,
Pain still fresh,
From a wound that
Will never heal,
And wound on wound
The gaping hurt feels endless,
What can be done
To stop the hate;
The hate that breeds such hate?
My love might seem shallow,
But a little goes a long way,
It’s potent and contagious,
And pain will not make
My love be curdled
By a bitter hate,
Pain is the trauma
But not the ailment,
Pain reminds one can feel,
That this hate is unnecessary
And is missing what I have,
This love breeds love,
Bred by love,
And swallows hate,
Time and time again.

Because of Love

I am angry
Because of love,
I am speechless
Because of love,
I am withered
Because of love,
It is love that fuels my rage,
For others actions and their choice to hate,
It is love that makes me choose
To keep trying to get through,
Hate is such an extreme
When love is a simple solution,
But hate steeps and comes from years
Of misplaced aggression,
And denied fears
Hate is the cut
That relieves some of the pain,
When love seems out of the way,
You hate because you are withered,
Hate because you are speechless,
Hate because you are angry,
Hate because you have not been shown
Any other way,
And because of this I will love